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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Caroline Rhodes has been using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting using EFT with astonishing results in helping her physiotherapy patients. As a holistic physiotherapist, she can assist in relieving chronic health issues, chronic pain, negative emotions, memories and traumas to assist in your healing. With 20 years of experience using EFT and MR, she has helped several hundred people to achieve their health goals. Personally, Caroline has healed her health issues using EFT/MR to cure herself of a tumour and a heart condition. Her experience and passion for looking at the body as a whole and treating all aspects gives her insights into assessing and treating the mind and body. Caroline is an EFT and MR Master trainer offering workshops for practitioner certification.


EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques, is often referred to as “psychological acupressure” by combining talk therapy with tapping on energy points on the face and body. The technique is gaining fast acceptance around the world by health practitioners, counsellors, healers and scientists. It will soon be in the school systems in parts of Australia.

The discovery statement in EFT is that any negative emotion is a blockage in the energy system also referred to as meridians in Chinese Medicine. We are providing EFT therapy in Hong Kong with fantastic results. These blockages in our energy system, in addition to challenging us emotionally, often lead to limiting beliefs and behaviours unconsciously blocking us from having a harmonious life. The resulting symptoms are either emotional and or physical and include feelings of anxiety, addiction, depression, lack of confidence and self-esteem.

It is also now finally widely accepted that emotional disharmony is a key factor in physical symptoms and dis-ease and for this reason these techniques are being extensively used on physical issues, including chronic illness with often astonishing results. These techniques are being accepted more within the medical and psychiatric including psychotherapies and healing disciplines.

Current scientific research studies show how EFT can reduce stress response and changes in the brain. One study by Dr. Feinstein show how EFT can create positive changes in the brain from trauma and Dr. Dawson Church demonstrated decreased cortisol levels (stress hormones) by 24-50% compared to a control group of those who used talk therapy or those who didn’t receive any treatment.

An EFT treatment involves the use of fingertips rather than needles to tap on the end points of energy meridians that are situated just beneath the surface of the skin. The treatment is non-invasive and works on the ethos of making change as simple and as pain free as possible. In the short time since it’s development by Gary Craig in the 1990’s, EFT has provided thousands of people with relief from all manner of problems and conditions, often in startlingly quick time. In fact, Gary Craig says the downside of EFT is in its simplicity. Many people often believe the treatment must be difficult, uncomfortable or require medication to heal. EFT is even effective for someone with a long history of problems.

The diversity of successful treatments have ranged from trauma and abuse, phobias, self sabotaging behavior patterns, to deep set emotional conditions of anxiety and depression, addictions, physical illness, to name but a few.

EFT restores awareness and trust in the natural healing abilities of our mind and body, providing ground-breaking opportunities to achieving physical and emotional well-being in a faster time frame.

Because the techniques are so simple, they can be used as a self-help tool which empowers people to actively contribute to their own healing and development process. These techniques do not discredit the medical and psychotherapeutic professions, but rather serve to contribute to a holistic healing process.

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