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Meta Healthy Analysis

Science-Based, Revolutionary New Healing Paradigm

META-Health is the Art and Science of Self-Healing and a new interdisciplinary and integrative health model used by thousands of health professionals worldwide.

META-Health is a SCIENCE-BASED, revolutionary new healing paradigm which will radically transform your health beliefs and your understanding of disease and healing. Learning META-Health will enable you to know which specific stress triggers, traumas, conflict shocks, emotions and beliefs affect you.

Below are some of the fundamental principles used in META-Health to discover the root-cause of symptoms and to activate the self-healing response.

  • Interconnectedness of Body-Mindy-Social

  • Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief-Social Connection

  • 9 major Points and Phases of Healing

To be META-Healthy means you are aware of your body’s intelligence, your stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affecting your organ symptoms and you take conscious actions for self-healing and personal growth.

Caroline Rhodes trained in META-Health with Johannes Fisslinger, PhD and Richard Flook starting in 2009. She combines her 30 years of clinical experience with her university training in the traditional Western medical model to assist in finding the cause of your health issue and EFT and Matrix Reimprinting as modalities to allow your body to completely heal. This empowering tool gives hope and optimism to understand the steps in disease process and feel in control that your body is on the path to healing and recovery.

The cornerstone of META-Health is a detailed META-Health Analysis, A certified META-Health Professional will use the 12 Questions Process to find which specific stress triggers, emotions, beliefs and lifestyle are affecting your specific organ symptoms.

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